Top 10 Oils & Top 10 Uses

​Monday January 28  6:00pm

Find out what these top ten oils are and lets put them to use!  You'll be amazed at the many ways you can use your oils - from cleaning, hygiene, cooking, medicinal, beauty and much more!!

Cleaning with Essential Oils

​Saturday January 12th  3:30 pm

 Replace your Windex, Pledge, bathroom cleaner . . . EOs are antiviral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, antimicrobial, must I go on?!  I have recipes to make your own cleaners so check out this awesome class!!

Emotional Aromatherapy

Wed . Jan  9th & Tues.  Jan 22nd @ 6:30pm

It's a crazy world out there! How are you holding up? We'd like to offer a little insight if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or if your anxiety is getting the best of you.
This FREE workshop will guide you through the many emotions we all experience and how essential oils effect those emotions. 

Pets & Essential Oils

Saturday January 12th  2:00 

Learn about the safety of essential oils around your pets.  Not all oils can be used on pets but they are beneficial just as they are for us humans! 

Where Do I Start with Essential Oils?       

Thursday,  Jan 17th 6:30 &​ Saturday, Jan 19th 2:00 

This is a great class for the beginner user of essential oils to learn the basic uses and benefits of how oils can be incorporated into daily life! Whether it's household cleaning, weight control, personal hygiene, skin care, medical conditions, cooking or many other reasons, essential oils can be used in your daily routines and replace the toxic chemicals we consume in the air, on the skin and internally. This fun beginner's class will leave you with some great information. 

Dudes & Oils

Thursday, January 24th 6:00

This class is just for the men!  Beard oil, cologne....  Learn how to use those oils guys!  It’s not just for women!

Host your own Essential Oil Class and Receive a FREE MASSAGE!  Ask for details!

Valentine Make-n-Take with Couples Massage 

Thursday January 31st   6pm

Learn a couples massage and take home 5 fabulous gifts at this special class. This class is $20 per couple,  you’ll make-n-take home a personal lubricant, massage lotion, women’s perfume, men’s cologne, and more.  

The Healing Feeling Massage

Note that all classes REQUIRE an RSVP. Space is limited.  Bring a friend!  RSVP 24 hours ahead of class schedule so that we can plan appropriately for supplies.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Oils of the Bible

Saturday,   January  19th    3:30pm

If you're a history buff or just interested in learning more about oils... this class will show you the differences in how we use oils today compared to how oils were used during biblical times. It’s surprising to see how many oils were actually mentioned through the Bible.   You’ll have a chance to use many of the oils and reference scripture and stories to when and where those oils were used. 

Weight Loss Naturally

Tuesday, January 8 at 6:30 pm

It's the beginning of the year and many of us look to shed those pounds.  Find out how to do it with the aid of oils and how they naturally cleanse and effect the body to help rid fat and toxins!

The Healing Feeling is proud to offer doTERRA products in our treatments. Ask how to save on your doTERRA purchases!

Cocktails & Essential Oils

​Saturday January 14th  6:00 pm

Another interesting class! You had have no idea! Put a twist on those cocktails!