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The Healing Feeling is proud to offer doTERRA products in our treatments. Ask how to save on your doTERRA purchases!

The health benefits of massage are numerous.  Regardless of which treatment you choose, you'll receive top notch service.  We do full session treatments -  hands on for the entire session you pay for.  So know you are getting value for the time and money spent.  You'll get a full 60 minute hands-on massage at The Healing Feeling. Find the treatment that works best for you and if you have questions, we're happy to help when booking your appointment.

All treatments are professional and clients will be completely draped during the massage.

30 Minute Massage    

60 Minute Massage     

90 Minute Massage

Foot Therapy Session 

Prenatal Massage   

Hot Stone Massage 

Reiki Session

LED Teeth Whitening

    30 Minute Session

​    60 Minute Session



About Your Massage




$35 /$70

$80 /$110

$80 /$110




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